Sunset Train 3D is a charming interactive bedtime story. Help Wolfie the train driver pick up the animals from work and drop them back home for a well earned night's rest. Your child gets to help Wolfie steer and control the speed - but you set the game time to finish as needed. Wolfie will politely step in if the animals won't get back before nightfall.

•  Seven adorable little animals which ride the train.

•  Adjustable length experience. Set a maximum time for the game.

•  Idyllic island countryside setting. Lovely 3D graphics appealing to younger children.

•  Narration in English. Will encourage good manners and politeness. Can be muted.

•  Musical soundtrack which changes tempo based on train speed. Can be muted.

•  Designed for you child's fun and relaxation.


iOS (iPad and iPhone)

•  No in-app purchases. Buy the game, play the game.


ANDROID (Tablet and Smartphone)†

•  No in-app purchases. Buy the game, play the game.



•  No in-app purchases.

•  No third-party advertising.

•  No social media.


Experience may suffer on older or low-spec Android devices with low 3D processing capabilities. See also the FAQ. If in doubt, try the free version of our game "Alpine Train 3D" which requires similar device capabilties.


What versions of iPhone and iPad do you support?

We support:

.   iPhone4, iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPhone 6.

.   iPod Touch 4th and 5th generations.

.   iPad mini, iPad 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations, iPad Air.


Will my Android device be suitable for Sunset Train 3D?

It is difficult to say whether a given Android device has sufficient graphics performance to give the best experience, due to the wide variety of capabilities of those devices. We have no way of checking your device capabilities before purchase! In reality, we have found that all reasonably modern smartphones such as Samsung Note 3, Samsung S4, Samsung S4 mini as well as tablets such as Tesco Hudl and Samsung Galaxy Tab series should be good. If in doubt, you can get an idea by downloading and trying our free game "Alpine Train 3D", which requires a similar level of device capabilties. If that works fine then the chances are that Sunset Train 3D will be good too.






(c) D.Wolff and J.Horton 2015